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Westin Foods Purchases Mr. Dell Foods, Inc.


OMAHA, NE - - Westin Foods announced that it has purchased Mr. Dell Foods, Inc., of Kearney, MO.  Mr. Dell Foods is a leading manufacturer of frozen hash browns, sold to grocers, food manufacturers, and foodservice companies.  Mr. Dell’s brand has a loyal national following and is known for its one-ingredient, frozen, shredded hash browns.


“Mr. Dell’s mission aligns well with Westin Foods,” said Scott Carlson, CEO of Westin Foods.  “Both companies are privately held family businesses that have grown because of their ability to deliver consumers with consistent, high quality, food products. One of the key elements to this purchase is Kurt Johnsen, President, along with the talented Mr. Dell’s management team will remain in place and guide daily operations.  This will ensure an uninterrupted, consistent, ‘business-as-usual’ approach. We are pleased to add Mr. Dell’s to our family of brands.”


Kurt Johnsen, President of Mr. Dell Foods, Inc., stated, “We are delighted to be joining forces with Westin Foods.  Our team has spent years cultivating relationships, establishing a family-oriented workplace and producing a product that we are all proud to make.”  Johnsen added, “Product quality and customer service will drive Mr. Dell’s and Westin Foods through this transition. Westin Foods has been in the packaged food business since the late 1960s and offers long-term growth potential for Mr. Dell’s brand. We are confident that the sale of Mr. Dell Foods, to Westin Foods, will create many new opportunities for our associates and customers.” 


Westin Foods and Mr. Dells are both well known in the food industry, one in bacon the other in hash browns, two products that go great together.


About Westin Foods 

With origins dating back to the late 1960s, Westin Foods has been involved in all parts of the food industry from product manufacturing to private label and brand promotion.  It all started with the purchase of a small food brokerage company in Fairbury, Nebraska.  Today Westin’s holdings include Westin Packaged Meats a premier private label and foodservice manufacturer of bacon pieces and bits. 


Through the years Westin has purchased, managed and built a host of companies from the Heartland’s original door-to-door dairy delivery business - Roberts Dairy to Wagner Juice Company, Wahoo Appetizers, and Mario Olives.  Westin Foods boasts a well-balanced portfolio of companies along with a health and wellness division including Dominex Natural Foods and the Superberries brand.   

About Mr. Dells

Located in middle America, Dell E. Johnsen founded Mr. Dell Foods as a fresh produce brokerage, specializing in potatoes and onions.  Mr. Dell's unique ability to process and package potatoes without additives or preservatives has made Mr. Dell’s Hash Browns a loved consumer breakfast brand. 


For more information contact: Tammy Ross, Director of Marketing at Westin Foods, 402-829-8420 or

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