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Westin Foods is a food manufacturer that has been in the packaged food business since the 1960’s.  Our Founder, Dick Westin successfully fostered a company where quality, innovation and value are inherent in everything we do.  With food offerings ranging from Bacon to Berries, we market our own brands and produce private label products for a host of America's most popular food brands including retail, grocery and food service.


With a dependable supply chain and an on-going commitment to providing superior food products, Westin Foods' continued success is due to our industry knowledge and years of experience while staying attuned to the needs and wants of the consumer. We pride ourselves on keeping in constant touch with our consumers and customers while remaining flexible and responsive to the ever-changing market trends.


Westin Foods has strategically participated in the marketplace being proactive to industry trends and consumer demands.  This has allowed us to provide product innovation, consistent supply, and outstanding quality.  Westin Foods has collaborated with our customers to bring about a number of products that were first to market. We base and build our strategies on and around people, products and processes.


Westin Foods is committed to servicing our customers, consumers, and personnel with the most current information available. "Dick Westin built this company on a solid foundation and we're continuing to build on his vision," says Scott Carlson, Owner and CEO of Westin Foods. "With Westin Foods, you can count on the superior service and commitment that has earned us the reputation of continually exceeding our customers' expectations."


Finding Opportunities

Westin Capital Group is a privately held family business with no outside investors. We are operators of business and we have significant experience investing and partnering with owners and entrepreneurs to bring products to market.

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