Corporate Headquarters

Omaha, NE

Westin Foods is committed to servicing our private label, retail customers, consumers, and team members with the most current information available. We base and build our strategies on and around people, products and process.  Our strategy includes day-to-day operations, investing in the process and looking out for new opportunities.  We look to proven business methods and implementation; sometimes it may mean being creative and thinking outside the box.

Where are your headquarters located?
Westin Foods headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in the food industry for over 50 years.

How did Westin Foods start?
Dick Westin founded Westin Foods with the acquisition of Feaster Foods in 1968 from Don Feaster. Feaster Foods started as a regional industrial brokerage company in 1950. Visit our About Us section for more information regarding the history of Westin Foods.

Is Westin Foods a publicly traded company?
No. Westin Foods is a privately owned company with their own board of directors and privately held shareholders.

How do I contact Westin Foods?
Westin Foods wants every customer and consumer to be completely satisfied with our service and our products. You may contact our Consumer Affairs Division at 1-800-228-6098 (toll free in the USA). You may also visit our Contact Us page to send us an email. We take your questions, concerns and feedback seriously and do our very best to make sure that we address each and every one.

Where are Westin's state-of-the-art plant facilities located?
Fairbury, NE - Founded in 1969

Do you have recipes available for the various food products you make?
Yes! Simply use the “contact us” page on this website, or visit the website of each of our entities/divisions affiliates and send an e-mail with your request to “contact us”. 

Westin Packaged Meats



Where can I find out about food allergens?
If you have a question about a specific item manufactured by Westin Foods, its divisions or affiliates please call our Consumer Affairs Department at 1-800-228-6098 or email them here. They will work with Westin Foods' Quality Assurance Department to determine whether any of the items you are allergic to may be present in the products you are interested in buying.

Can I purchase items directly from Westin Foods?
At this time, only our affiliate, Superberries has an online store with a variety of products.

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 Westin Packaged Meats

Fairbury, NE 

Dick  Westin,

Founder of Westin Foods